Who We Are

How it all began…

Central New York is fortunate to have many charities doing wonderful work for children. But in 2004, Nina Albino & Kathleen Miller-Murphy saw a need for something more. They founded Charity for Children as a way to provide financial and educational support to local children with diseases, disabilities and disorders who may have otherwise “fallen through the cracks.”


The idea was to help not just the affected children, but entire families who must cope with daily challenges. With its localized focus, Charity for Children is able to simplify many of the strict administrative processes of national charities, and make it as easy as possible for families to get help. The organization taps into the strong charitable spirit of Central New York businesses and individuals, channels feelings into actions, and makes a difference in many lives.

Our Mission

Charity for Children, Inc. (CFC) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit “child-centered” organization dedicated to providing services for children with disabilities, diseases and disorders in Central New York.


As a non-profit charitable organization, Charity for Children provides financial and educational services to needy families of Central New York with children who are afflicted with disabilities, diseases and disorders. The Agency was formed in 2004 to offer support to Central New York families that begins where other agencies typically end. Charity for Children is not affiliated or assiociated with any other health of human service agency.

Board of Directors

Executive Director: Nina M. Albino

President: Kathleen Miller-Murphy

Vice President: Matthew Bulger

Treasurer: Scott Oliver


​Bill Neely, Victoria Baratta, Cathleen Desimone, RNFA, MSN, PNP-BC, Lynne McCawley, Colleen Fox, Albert Cutri, Benjamin Rayland.