What We Do

How we continue to make a difference

CHARITY FOR CHILDREN provides many valuable services for the families of local children with serious illnesses. This includes financial assistance with treatment-related travel expenses, free educational seminars, advocacy, referral and more. Our “First Duds” Program, for example, has already provided new, much-needed infant clothing for more than 500 local families.

CHARITY FOR CHILDREN provides a wide array of services that include:

  • Treatment-related travel expenses (transportation, meals, lodging)
  • Financial assistance
  • Free educational seminars
  • Advocacy and referral

All clients who seek financial assistance from the CHARITY FOR CHILDREN will be processed through the intake procedure. The executive director and services committee will review each case individually and resources will be based on resources available and the extent of the individual’s request.

Every week several mothers will leave Central New York hospitals and will be unequipped with the resources they need to keep their newborns healthy.

First Duds Program

Our First Duds program launched in November 2005. CHARITY FOR CHILDREN provides a set of new infant clothing to families in need. Clothing is distributed to area clinics and hospitals in Onondaga, Madison, Oswego and Cayuga counties. To date we have distributed over 500 First Duds to local hospitals and clinics.